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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"change it back"???

I saw a bumper sticker that showed the obama logo and said “change” “it back”. and I thought, ...really? You want to go back to 2008? When the United States was just about to go completely belly up? Was that a fun time for you? You liked having jobs on a severe decline, the country in debt up to it’s eyeballs, engaged in two huge wars, our auto makers about to declare bankruptcy, and our housing market (and personal savings) destroyed by greedy bankers who, themselves had no idea how to fix the mess they created, and were about to implode as well??   -‘Yeah, those were good times!!-”Take me back!!!...- I don't think so.    -Imagine where we’d be right now if some ordinary President, not even an idiot like Bush, but just an ordinary President, like say, Reagan were at the helm over the last 3 years, instead of a smart, reassuringly calm guy like Obama. It would not be good.  Obama’s got some problems, -overly cunning and stuff, but it’s still clear that he single-handedly saved our asses from the abyss. I say, “don’t change it back”. Let him finish what he wants to try to do, (he’s earned it) and we’ll see if it’s better than what the previous guys did. (like that’ll be hard).