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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr. Cheney should really sit down and shut up.

If Mr. Cheney can’t keep his mouth shut, and stop ruining our country, then we’ll have to just go ahead and arrest, charge, convict, and sentence him for any one of the number of illegal things he did while in office. We’ve been letting him slide, giving him a lot of latitude, and basically letting him off on these blatant unlawful actions, because he did hold a high office. But that is about all we can do for him, to honor his years of service. Especially since the majority of us agree that his years of service didn’t serve our country very well at all. He may have believed he was doing the right thing, but time has proved that he clearly wasn’t. And if he can’t see the tremendous favor we’re doing for him, by letting him slide, and just go away, and if he doesn’t stop giving these speeches, and continuing to promote policies and ideologies that the majority of the country does not agree with, then we should stop looking the other way on his offenses, and go ahead and press charges and get him off his soapbox, so that we can stay focused on the job at hand, and continue the (hard) work on healing our nation. I believe everyone has right to his opinions. The problem here is that he gets national tv coverage, only because of his previous job (that he did poorly), and there’s no good way to insure equal time, from the view of the opposing side, - that is, the view of more than half of countries’ population. We don’t think torture is good. We don’t think it works. And we don’t think it’s a good way to run a society, for many reasons. All polling reveals this. So if he can’t accept that, then we’ll have to take back our offer of letting him slide on all that law-breaking he did. The only problem with this, of course, is the martyr syndrome that may infuse some of our less-brain-cell-endowed citizenry into trying to start riots. Really, the guy is starting to piss me off, royally. You’d think he’d be happy we gave him a chance to try out his ideas (and none of them worked out well), we looked the other way when he changed all sorts of laws about executive priveledge, and we gave him a couple a real ‘spensive heart surgeries – no charge! I mean, he’d be dead right now, if not for the goodness of our hearts. And yet he still thinks he can get in our face, and yammer on about his crazy, stooopid, disasterous ideas on how to run a country. Someone needs to have talk with him, right away, up close and personal, and explain the way things really are – and could be for him real soon, if he doesn’t sit down and shut up. I’ll be glad to do it, if Obama and his cronies are too afraid to.

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