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Friday, September 7, 2012

Where'd my GOP go?

I'm honestly starting to think that one of the biggest problems our country has, is just watching too much Fox "news" (any, is too much),  and not realizing that it is a movement, not journalism. The neo-conservative movement in the country is a tool of a few very wealthy and powerful people that want to get a lot wealthier, and most of all, more powerful. They look at other countries like Mexico and dozens of others, and long for the glorious structure those counties have of a few people that own almost everything, and almost no middle class. In this country they are people like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers and others that are so self-absorbed, they fashion themselves “Kings”, not just successful, wealthy, and fortunate citizens of a democratic country. I think when they were young, their parents didn’t just tell them they could be president, like Condi Rice’s parents did, I think they were told they could buy as many presidents as they wanted. But they picked the wrong country! And all the billions they spend buying politicians and media outlets trying to get our fellow countrymen riled up and mobilized about the few problems we do have in this country, is still, so far, not enough to overcome the free thinking open mindedness that is engrained in the average, educated, free-speech and free-press-benefited American citizen. So far. ‘That’s what I think. But the gap does seem to be narrowing, for some reason. Perhaps because of the new “global marketplace”, which makes corporations more powerful than ever imagined. Enabling them to buy more powerful laws than we ever imagined, like “Citizens United”. Which give them more and more power to shape the public’s mind view into their twisted version of what’s wrong with the country and how we should change it. Which always seems to play on fears, and ends up with less rights, and income, for the “little people”. They’ve hijacked the Grand Ole Party over the last few decades, which is such a shame, as it used to be such a respectable group of people that helped limit the size of government, when the democratic party would get too carried away. But they changed it to the party that only talks about limited government to get elected, and then expands it in the form of military spending and massive debt, once they get in. Because that, and de-regulating commerce, is what is needed for the “Kings” to take more power. They’ve also become the “party of no” and, sadly, the “party of hate”. They are the “anti-party”. They are anti-government, anti-taxes, anti-regulation, anti-jobs stimulus, anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-women’s reproductive health care rights, anti-welfare, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-stemcell research, anti-evolution theory, anti-rehabilitation, anti-public lands, anti-electric cars, anti-renewable energy. What does that leave, that they’re pro-about? I can’t think of anyth… wait,…they’re pro-war. 'If not pro-veteran support services.  I think this presidential election won’t bring changes to the white house, but, if we also don’t get changes in the House majority, we’ll still have the stalemate that has crippled the country these last two years. And, long-term, I just don’t know how long we can hold off these wolf “kings” at the door. ‘Troubling times, indeed.

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