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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I like all kinds of movies!

I used to work at a car stereo store where we’d build custom sound systems for people and one of the questions we’d ask our clients was “what kind of music do you listen to?”. By far, the common answer was “all types of music”. At which point, we would ask for more clarification, and get answers like: “you know, everything from Rush to Metallica” or something of that nature, where they’d name several artists from the exact same genre and era. And so, when people ask me what kind of movies I like to watch, I say “all kinds!” You know, everything is good. I love movies. Almost any movie whatsoever. As long as it makes you think. Any movie that says something and takes you to a place you wouldn’t normally go, or presents a viewpoint you wouldn’t normally have, and really helps you understand it. And in an entertaining way. Also, is should be realistically believable. With suspense, usually. Like any psychological thriller drama, with good suspense, without any gratuitous action scenes (gratuitous sex scenes are ok), and excellent character development so that you actually care about the characters. And of course, no PG or PG13 or PG17 ratings, since those are for people under 17. And no fantasy or science fiction (except good, sensible future science fiction), since that’s not reality – based, and therefore, it’s hard to identify with the characters and feel for them or worry about them, since there could just be some magic in the next scene to solve everything. So, basically any good movie at all, as long as it’s a good, serious, adult drama that’s rated R, and has really good actors and filmmakers behind it. And a big budget. Oh, and it should definitely have an IMDB user rating of at least 6.5 out of 10, or better. And at least 5,000 votes to keep from possibly being skewed by people related to making or marketing the film. And it has to be widescreeen. And have closed captioning (in English). But as far as what kind of movie, it could be anything from a political suspense thriller to a psychological courtroom drama, or just about anything, really. I love all kinds of movies!

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