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Thursday, January 1, 2009

log entry 1 010109

Well, it's Jan 1st, 2009, I guess I should start a blog. 'Heard about this particular blogsiteservice from a friend of mine last nite. His kid uses it. Man, when I think about how cool it would be to have had anything like this when I was young. Something that would encourage me to write down random thoughts from time to time. I guess that's what diaries were for, but there's something more encouraging about writing where you think at least a few people might be reading it sooner than decades from now. -And possibly writing in it too! I'd give anything to read today, what my friends and I were thinking about 35 years ago. Like this friend of mine, Chris, that I saw last nite. We became friends 35 years ago, in high school. Not close friends. Not the same school. But we had a good, common friend, (that, actually, we've now lost track of) and we just always stayed in touch over the years. Raquetball, backpacking, technology interests. And we still don't hang out often, but even though we may only see each other once a year, I know we're the kind of old friends that would do anything in the world for each other. And that's really something to have, on this journey/life thing. I wonder what we would've written about each other back then? "That wierdo friend of Kens' seems really strange to me".?!

'Saw another old friend of mine last nite, Jerry Riopelle. He's got a band that has played most new years' eves' at the same venue since 1975. I've been to about 20 of them, and, even though the rumor is that we just his last show, I'll probably always associate new years' with his music, and those shows, as long as I live. People ask me why I'd want to do the same thing so many times for the same holiday, instead of trying new and differrent ways and places to ring in the new year, and I guess I'm starting to understand that it's partially about the concept of tradition. Doing something the same on an anniversary helps you think back to your past, and remember who you were, to help you figure out who you've become. And figurin' out who you've become is probably one of the big goals of the journey.

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  1. My friends and I all had livejournals in jr high and the beginning of high school. We would spend the day together, and then go home and write about it, and then read about everyone's day. Live was so good. But it eventually became a burden because people lost interest or didn't have the time, or all they had to say were things they didn't want some of us hearing. There are deffinite benefits, though... I'll most likely take it back up some day.
    I'm glad that you got a blog. Now I can have some idea of the thoughts that go through your head. I'll bookmark it and check it periodically and post a comment if I've got something to say.
    You can put pictures into your blog posts, too, using photobucket. Pictures are always fun.
    I love you!