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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I just bought 60% of GM!

Well, I guess I’m doing pretty well. I just bought 60% of GM the other day!

Robert Reich had, (as usual) some very cool insights on this, including:

“The only practical purpose I can imagine for the bail-out is to slow the decline of GM to create enough time for its workers, suppliers, dealers and communities to adjust to its eventual demise.”

Robert Reich was the nation's 22nd Secretary of Labor and is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and his blog of easy-to-read explanations of complicated stuff is at:

Michael Moore has (as usual) some wonderfully radical observations, and some specific suggestions of what we should do with our newly-purchased car company. Please read his ideas on his link below, and see if you agree, because you and I have to make some big, executive decisions very soon!

“It is with sad irony that the company which invented "planned obsolescence" -- the decision to build cars that would fall apart after a few years so that the customer would then have to buy a new one -- has now made itself obsolete.” The complete, very interesting summary is at:

Well, Mr. Moore is again, dead-on with simple, logical, down-to-earth assessments of what we as a country, and as a society, are doing wrong and what we should be doing to make it better. Because he does this publicly, he is branded a “radical”, a revolutionist, a treasonist, a seditionist and worse. When really he is one of our nations greatest Patriots. And bravest. He lives with constant death threats from ignorant redneck types who don’t realize he works hard at doing what he feels is the best way he can help his country. By simply making entertaining documentary films that make us think about the status quo. We need to always remember that, just because things are, and have been a certain way, and just because a gigantic system of millions of people making their livelihood from it, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be abolished. If this was so, we would still have slavery in America. We would still have an open and active Opium trade. And we would still have a huge tobacco industry…- oh, well, some things we’re still working on.

Mr. Moore has the guts to say what millions of us are too afraid to say about many topics. I’ve seen all of his films and after every one I sit there and say to myself “You miserable, lazy, selfish, scared loser!” “Why don’t you have the nerve to speak up like Michael does, and try to do what you know is best for your country!?” I have personally studied the electric car’s development enough over the last few decades to know, absolutely, without a doubt, that it is the number one solution to many of our transportation, economic, ecological, and foreign political problems. And that right now is the time to totally embrace the technology 100%, with every effort of every auto industry worker and every government bureaucrat, to completely re-make our energy infrastructure over the next several decades. Apparently Mr. Moore does too. Now if we can just convince all those auto guys and bureaucrats, which make their living off of the internal combustion engine, then it will be an easy transition!

Seriously, now that we’re all auto industry tycoons, how ‘bout we just make electric cars, since they don’t use petroleum, they don’t spew out noise and pollution, they go 150 miles on a charge, and the national driving daily average is just 29, and they have 300 less moving parts than an internal combustion engine, so they don’t break down anywhere nearly as often.

With our resources of our huge car company, we could take the car world by storm by being the first on the market with affordable electrics. And we could start, by easily selling them to all of the millions of two car families. That way, they’d still have one car on the old system for long summer vacations or whatever. Then over time, we could create a network of charging stations near restaurants, or interchangeable batteries, and then people could use their electric more and more. We could sell people solar panel covered carports so that their car charges for free (and green) all day while they park in the shade. We’d have it made in the shade!
Let’s start by changing the name though, don’t you think? I mean, General Motors is a stupid name for a car company, and it has a LOT of bad connotations associated with it. How ‘bout “Only Electric Motors” (OEM!). Or, how ‘bout “No more stupid, noisy, smelly, planet-killing, war-causing, internal-combustion-engines car company”. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Lemme know what you think, partner.

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