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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do you like the Tesla Model S? Would you like one for half the price?

Everyone I know of that has seen and heard about the Tesla Model S says “I love this beautiful car!” And you think “gee, they really came up with a gorgeous body design to affect every single person that way”. But I think it’s not quite that simple. There are many gorgeous body designs on cars. In fact, many feel that the Hyundai Elantra has about the prettiest lines and coolest body of all. –And it’s just a $20k car! There’s clearly something else going on here. They see the Model S, and yes, it’s very nice to look at. But I think this is a case of “beauty” being more than skin deep. We see the car, and know that it is an electric, but without the range limitation. And that is truly beautiful and attractive to all of us. Powerful, clean, quiet, and simple. No smelly gas and oil that represent what has really gone wrong with our world. That’s what we truly see when we look at Tesla. A positive future. A world with less pollution, less wars, and less control over our lives from the oil cartel that extorts billions from us while destroying our planet. To be free again. That will be beautiful.

If you would like to buy a Tesla Model S, for half the price that is sells for now, then buy a Nissan Leaf! (or any other affordable EV) “How would that work?” you ask. Well, Tesla’s are expensive, because they have a lot of batteries (which give them the 300 miles of range). So far, these good lightweight batteries are expensive, because the industry is still in its infancy. But as we buy more EV’s, and create more research and development, the prices will go down. Dramatically. You see, society works a certain way, where those in power get to decide all the big issues. And all of their decisions are based on them wanting to stay in power. Despite any logic or science or facts that point to other answers that would clearly benefit the largest percentage of people, but could jeopardize the power-control of the current leaders. -Who make the decisions. -'See the problem?  For example, if you take an issue like the climate crisis, -you know, that pesky problem just down the road, where the ice caps melt, the oceans rise wiping out most coastal cities, thousands of food species die off, and air and water quality failure begins? (which may be the all-time biggest problem we have, but is way down the list of what people talk and worry about the most), if you try and determine who runs the world, and could decide what to do about this, well, just follow the money. (It's not the Politicians, you know. They just do what they're told by the corporations) It's the Oil Cartel first, then the banks, then the insurance industry, then big Pharma, Coal, Natural Gas, Biotech industry like Monsanto, Military manufacturers, etc., on down the list. 

So, if Co2 "greenhouse" gasses are the big problem, and if eliminating tail-pipe emissions are a large part of that, (animals and mammals, like us humans, and the billions of cows we raise, which are not needed, are also a huge source of Co2, but it's harder to say "kill off people and animals!" than it is to say "stop burning carbon!") then we are screwed, because we can't agree to reduce the burning of fuels, when the fuel industry runs the world, and wants MORE burning of fuels, not LESS.  !    ? ----HOWEVER, something CAN be done, due to technological advances, that would circumvent the usual process of asking the powers that be to do what's right, and then waiting and hoping they will. The thing that we can do to help save our species, which will basically be seen by those in charge as anarchy, rebellion, and mutiny, is buy an electric car. -That's all. That's all we have to do. And, it's all we can do, that will make a big enough impact. It will reduce Co2 emissions more than any other single action an individual can take. And if enough of us do it, it will reduce greenhouse gasses by enough to curb global climate change.

Ev's are easy. Our custom license plate on ours is: "EVSREZ". They drive wonderfully fast and smooth and quiet. And you never have to stop for gas, and pay the $50 or so every week. You also don't change the oil, get emissions tests, do tune-ups, or anything, really, because there are over 300 less moving parts than a gas car. And, they are cheaper than gas cars, because they pay you back for their purchase price in 5 yrs. 
The limited range isthe ONLY issue they have, and that's simply a matter of a little planning and realizing they are not a direct replacement for our gas cars, they are different, and while 99 out of a hundred things are better, range is worse, but totally manageable and useable. Especially for two-car families. And of course, will get way better as we buy and use and develop improvements, and in a few years won't even be an issue anymore. EV's are the way to save money, save the climate, stop wars, and buck the system and change the way it is now, where the oil corporations call all the shots. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to get people to do it. 

The reason it's not easy, is that the mighty Global Oil Cartel thinks it would put them out of business (it wouldn't though) and so they're deathly afraid of the electric car, and are spending millions and millions of dollars (pocket change for them) to create a buzz that says "EV's are un-cool, silly, un-american, un-reliable, will leave you stuck on the side of the road, waiting for a tow, with people laughing at you, and will cost you more than a regular car if you try to own one." (ALL of which is not true) They are paying news outlets like Fox "news" to belittle and make fun of EV's at every chance they get. And have been for decades, ever since the new technologies started to finally make it possible for a powerful, reliable electric car. EV's aren't new. In fact the first cars were electric. They never went far or fast, but were reliable and easy to use. So much so in fact, that Henry Ford bought one for his wife. Well now with computer controls and lithium batteries they also go fast and fairly far. Our Leaf can go 100 miles on a charge. And the Tesla's can go 300! 

EV's can run on Solar energy, Nuclear, Wind, Hydroelectric dams, Thermal energy, and new, energy sources in development like Algae. They can even run on fossil-fuel-based power plants and still help reduce the use of fossil fuels because they are over 2 times more efficient than even a Prius! The biggest and easiest way to make a real statement and difference in the way we run the world, and who has enough power to make all the decisions on what to do to sustain human life on planet earth, is to power your car with a few solar panels. For less than $5000 you can get a complete PV system that will charge and power your EV fully, -for free, - for life! And you can lease a Leaf for just $199/mo. - And, you can get one today!, because they're in-stock at the dealer, …because they're not selling like they hoped, …-because there's a multi-million dollar conspiracy "buzz" in the media telling people not to want one! So, if you know anyone thinking about a new car, be sure to suggest they consider an EV. It's the solution to several problems, including the BIG one that is starting to show it's ugly face. And then in a few years, we’ll have Model S’s and other gorgeous EV’s available at very affordable prices!

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  1. Very well said sir.
    EVs are the future of mobility.

    Howz your Nissan Leaf doin? Its been 2 years?

    I will get my new EV

    And am excited! Its got a Li-Ion battery pack and got 100km range thatz more than enuf to travel in Indian cities.
    Id appreciate if if you give me some tips on charging/discharging etc to get the most out of the battery pack.

    Also what kind of driving do your recommened to get the maximum range? Conservative driving, not stepping on the 'gas pedal' :) often?

    Here is a blog i wrote on electric mobility and its importance in my Country!

    Nice to know u, sir.