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Saturday, July 20, 2013

CES Update! -- 3D TV is dead!"

CES Update!   --"3D TV is dead!" (which, if you remember, I predicted a few years ago in my January 2011 CES Summary)

"3D TV. (boring! Imho) If 3D TV doesn’t become the biggest thing in consumer electronics (and I don’t think it will), all those exhibitors are going to look pretty silly in a few years having spent so much time and money on this dumb-looking fad."

It's still a fun little diversion and enhancement for a movie night (if you have all the equipment) on an occasional action or animated movie, but for the most part, the following sites agreed with me that it's just not good looking enough yet (and maybe never will be!)

(related:  in that same CES Summary, I predicted that people would soon be using their smartphones more than their computers, to get email, social networking, news, and even shopping. And I just heard a report the other night that said that day has come, as well)

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